Sports, Motor Sport

In the category "Sports, Motor Sport" we currently track items of 562 persons. The most popular ones, by number of traded items, are:

Lewis HamiltonMichael SchumacherSebastian Vettel
Kimi RaikkonenValentino RossiFernando Alonso
Jenson ButtonStirling MossNigel Mansell
Daniel RicciardoNiki LaudaMax Verstappen
Ayrton SennaGuy MartinMarc Marquez
Jackie StewartJohn SurteesNico Rosberg
Valtteri Bottas Damon Hill 

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Recent Additions:

31/07/2020: Pol Espargaró with 21 items.
28/07/2020: Ricardo Patrese with 21 items. Phil Crump with 21 items.
24/07/2020: Dani Sordo with 22 items. Alister McRae with 21 items. Chris Atkinson with 21 items.
21/07/2020: Alberto Ascari with 22 items. Erik Carlsson with 21 items. Teddy Pilette with 21 items.