As an avid collector of Memorabilia, you know how hard it is to keep track of new items that are listed on eBay. Is the item fair priced? Can I buy it before someone else does? What was sold in the past and for how much? With the help of Memorabilix you should be able to find answers to all these questions. We track all kinds of items: Balls, Bats, Hats or Helmets, Photos, Jerseys, Magazines, Trading Cards or Postcards - and much more. Everything is organized by topic: Athletes from all kind of sports, Celebrities like Movie Stars or Musicians and VIPs like Politicians or Scientists.

We keep track of what's selling on eBay and sort it by names - If someone signs an item and it's being sold on eBay, we track it for you. Registered users can set up alerts, not only for items from specific people but even on what kind of item - a picture, a ball or a jersey - and for all alerts you can set up a maximum price that you're willing to pay. If a new item is listed, we'll send you an email and you can check if it's worth buying. Just look for the little bell symbol next to the headlines to set up alerts. Best of all: This Service is completely free!

Recent Additions:

05/12/2023: Bianca Belair in the "Sports, Wrestling" category. Jerry Bruckheimer in the "Movies" category. Jonathan Quick in the "Sports, Ice Hockey" category. Jeffrey DeMunn in the "Television" category. Jennifer Walcott in the "Movies" category. Jenny Frost in the "Music" category. Shoaib Malik in the "Sports, Cricket" category. Willie Wood in the "Sports, American Football" category. Sam Walker in the "Sports, Football" category. Kyle Edwards in the "Sports, Football" category. Emiliano Buendía in the "Sports, Football" category. Taylor Gray in the "Movies" category.
01/12/2023: Hank Bauer in the "Sports, Baseball" category. Joanne Linville in the "Movies" category. Jeff Kober in the "Movies" category. Alun Lewis in the "Television" category. Bill Cowher in the "Sports, American Football" category. Cale Makar in the "Sports, Ice Hockey" category. Esteban Ocon in the "Sports, Motor Sport" category. Ali Smith in the "Celebrities" category. Keenan Allen in the "Sports, American Football" category. Brigid Kemmerer in the "Celebrities" category.
28/11/2023: Cole Palmer in the "Sports, Football" category. Jeffery Deaver in the "Celebrities" category. Jakobi Meyers in the "Sports, American Football" category. Herbert Hoover in the "Celebrities" category. Kyrie Irving in the "Sports, Basketball" category. John Kerry in the "Celebrities" category. Harry Morgan in the "Movies" category. Elinor Donahue in the "Movies" category.