Sports, Football

In the category "Sports, Football" we currently track items of 3315 persons. The most popular ones, by number of traded items, are:

Steven GerrardHarry KaneCristiano Ronaldo
Lionel MessiDavid BeckhamMohamed Salah
Frank LampardGeorge BestWayne Rooney
Diego MaradonaGeoff HurstAlex Ferguson
Alan ShearerEden HazardSergio Aguero
Bobby CharltonRyan GiggsJohn Terry
Eric CantonaDele Alli 

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Recent Additions:

23/10/2020: Jamie Murphy with 21 items. Stan Rickaby with 21 items.
20/10/2020: Billy Hamilton with 22 items. Stanley Mathews with 21 items. Daniel Nardiello with 21 items. Tony Macedo with 21 items. Mark Lazarus with 21 items.
16/10/2020: Ben Pringle with 21 items. Johnny Crossan with 21 items.
13/10/2020: Lewis Stevenson with 22 items. Paul Fletcher with 21 items. Paul Hartley with 21 items. Ted Sagar with 21 items. Luís Fabiano with 21 items.