Sports, Basketball

In the category "Sports, Basketball" we currently track items of 37 persons. The most popular ones, by number of traded items, are:

Kobe BryantMichael JordanLeBron James
Magic JohnsonDennis RodmanKevin Durant
Shaquille O'NealStephen CurryScottie Pippen
Larry BirdKevin GarnettJerry West
Paul BryanKellin QuinnChris Paul
Robert ParishRoss LynchVince Carter
James HardenKarl Malone 

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Recent Additions:

23/07/2021: Charles Barkley with 21 items. Jason Kidd with 21 items.
16/07/2021: Joel Embiid with 21 items.
13/07/2021: Jimmy Butler with 22 items. Derrick Rose with 21 items.